Samsung Card Captures Korea Grand Service Award for 6th Consecutive Year
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Samsung Card Captures Korea Grand Service Award for 6th Consecutive Year
The company’s focus on upgrading customer service, including a system for the CEO to directly communicate with customers, pays off

29(Mon), Jul, 2013

President Choi Chi-hoon of Samsung Card.(Photo:Samsung Card).

Samsung Card Co. captured the 2013 Korea Grand Service Award for six years in a row for its system to consider its customers’ demand in every operation of the company, the company said recently.

 The company, an affiliate of Samsung Group, has been operating the VOC Dashboard that collects customer complaints and disseminates them to the appropriate section of the company to solve them..

 The credit card company has also declared the VOC Life-style Principles under which all executives hold a weekly meeting. “VOC Meeting for Measures Daily Morning for all managers and VOC Joint Ownership Meeting every morning to share information by sections.

 The company also published a dictionary for 365 words used by customers to understand what customers want better. All executives and staff signed the statement to work for company businesses to serve its customers.

 CEO Choi Chi-hoon communicates with customers directly on the phone to listen to their complaints and solve them and writes sometimes, the letter to the customers to thank their suggestions to improve the company’s services to show that the management is leading the customer service through director contacts with the customers.

Before introducing new products, the company removes those parts of the products that may make customers uncomfortable through the Product Development Committee. 

 The company has also been operating the CS Panel since 2005 whereby the customers monitor the company’s services and products to find something that can be improved and point them out to management.

 Such efforts by the company led it to win the top award in the Reconfirmation of Customer Centered Management Award from the Fair Trade Commission for three years in a row, getting the recognition for its outstanding customer service.

 Samsung Card has also been at work to find new growth engines and by expanding its mobile area operations to secure its future growth.

 The company introduced its products named with numbers so that the customers may be able to remember the names of the products easily. The products named in numbers have already attracted over 2 million new cardholders just a year and half since the introduction.

The company also built a system to direct its social service activities  that were made since its launching with the name of “Campaign to nurture green seeds.’

 The company has also been operating the “Love Fund Contribution’ to help the children of poor families by giving them extra points to their cards and scholarships  the children under the ’Challenge, Golden Bell Scholarship’ Service as part of its social contribution service.

 In 2002, Samsung Card reorganized its various corporate social responsibility activities conducted since its foundation and launched a leading social responsibility program ’Green Shoot Campaign,’ carrying out Donation of Love Fund, Challenge! Golden Bell Scholarship, and Youth Credit Education in a systematic way. The Campaign embodies our commitment to providing support for our younger generation so that they can grow soundly to lead the future of Korea. 

In addition, support for rural areas comes from our willingness to help local communities based on sisterhood relationships. All of our executives and employees take part in 365 voluntary services, viewing community services as part of their duties rather than a one-time special event or occasion.   

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