IITP President Jun Reveals ‘K-Network 2030 Strategy’ at MWC 2023
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IITP President Jun Reveals ‘K-Network 2030 Strategy’ at MWC 2023
Calls for global cooperation and participation in 2026 Pre-6G Vision Fest, to be held in Korea

27(Thu), Apr, 2023

President Jun Sung-bae of the Institute of Information & Communications Technology Planning & Evaluation (IITP) reveals “K-Network 2030 Strategy” while delivering a key-note speech at the Mobile World Congress 2023, which took place at Barcelona, Spain, on Feb. 28. (Photo: IITP)

President Jun Sung-bae of the Institute of Information & Communications Technology Planning & Evaluation (IITP) delivered a keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress 2023, which took place at Barcelona, Spain, on Feb. 28.

In his speech at the GSMA Ministerial Program “Network Investment: Delivering the Digital Revolution,” IITP President Jun spoke on the theme “Paving the path: Toward a New Digital World.” 

He said the whole world was entering an era of accelerated digitalization, beyond a transitional period of digitalization, and the economy and society were undergoing changes at a pace none ever experienced before.

President Jun said the Korean government has continuously implemented digital innovational strategies in accordance with the so-called New York Initiative, announced by President Yoon Suk-yeol during his visit to the United States last September and the follow-up “Korean Digital Strategy.” 

He revealed that the Korean government’s K-Network 2030 Strategy was specifically designed to realize these strategies.

The Korean Digital Strategy contains

Korea's vision of implementing network innovation, such as network innovation through the development of 6G telecom, quantum and satellite telecom technologies, ramping up strong, safe network foundation, and building a strong and competitive industry ecosystem.

Korea will implement research on the original technologies related to 6G telecom and their commercialization to pursue next-generation network technology innovation, while pushing to upgrade quantum telecom technologies, such as quantum cryptography and quantum internet and secure satellite telecom technologies to secure network space.

The nation plans to build a stable and reliable infrastructure, such as changing subscribers' whole network into optical cables, securing capabilities to prevent communications disruption and swift restoration capabilities and making network equipment low-power ones using new technologies, such as AI. 

Korea will support network software and create an environment to spread open radio access network while creating a network industry ecosystem, such as developing telecom semiconductors, parts and manpower development.

IITP President Jun said, “The year 2023 is a starting point and a first year of introducing 6G telecom, like ITU's declaring of a vison of 6G and starting discussions about 6G frequency band, and we’ve made public a plan to make preparations for 6G telecom in cooperation with the Korean government.” 

President Jun said Korea is scheduled to host the Pre-6G Vision Fest in 2026 and he expressed hope Korea’s vision of 6G telecom and outcomes related to 6G telecom the nation has achieved would be shared with the whole world and each country would cooperate and participate.

The Institute of Information & Communications Technology Planning & Evaluation(IITP) holds Digital and Humanities Convergence Forum

IITP held the “Digital and Humanities Convergence Forum” at El Tower in Seoul on March 9. 

The forum was designed to discuss the future of the super-large artificial intelligence(AI) field, which gets more significant day by day, and the direction of future coexistence.

Experts representing science and technology, humanities, social and legal circles, as well as the digital field, participated in the forum to explore the direction of harmonious development through the convergence of digital and human thinking.

The forum took up topics, such as the technological and industrial development and value of super-large artificial intelligence (AI), which has recently become the subject of keen attention while holding in-depth discussions on possible social and ethical problem solutions. 

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