LX Actualizes High-Precision Video-Based Cadastral Resurvey
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LX Actualizes High-Precision Video-Based Cadastral Resurvey
Launches a pilot project to apply a decision-making support system combing drones, 3D LiDAR (light detection and ranging) and virtual reality

27(Sat), Aug, 2022

An official with Korea Land and Geospatial Informatix Corporation (LX) demonstrates a cadastral resurvey decision-making system in a pilot project site in Yeongdo-gu, Busan, on July 26.

Korea Land and Geospatial Informatix Corporation (LX) is stepping on the gas to complete its “digital territory” strategy by spurring a high-precision video-based cadastral resurvey. 

LX demonstrated a cadastral resurvey decision-making system in a pilot project site in Yeongdo-gu, Busan, on July 26.

So far, cadastral resurveys have been done through diverse pilot projects based on high-precision employing drones, LiDAR and 360-degree VR technologies to raise project efficiency. 

The latest pilot project involves the development of a high-definition video-based decision-making system through building, analyzing and utilizing of high-definition 3D data using new technologies such as air and land LiDAR. 

The project has been designated as one of the private-public sector joint investment and technology projects by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. 

Three-centimeter high-definition 3D data will be built by using drones, copters, aircraft and vehicular mobile mapping system (MMS) LiDAR and panoramic VR three-dimension videos, and land information and measurement outcome services will be offered by using reality analysis system so that people can easily get an understanding of them. 

LX plans to develop a decision-making support system in cooperation with UOK, Naver’s street view service prover, by the end of December and offer services to local governments and people in a pilot project. 

The corporation plans to raise efficiency of cadastral resurvey and people’s convenience by supporting the legislation of regulations on cadastral resurvey measurement work using drones. 

LX was designated as an institution responsible for conducting cadastral resurveys by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) last year. 

To this end, the corporation plans to offer good quality outcomes using high-definition video and new technologies to spur the project. 

The system will be connected with public data, owned by local governments, contributing to realizing a digital platform government. 

Kim Yong-ha, head of LX’s Cadastral Business Division said, “Work innovation and execution of businesses will be accelerated by realizing new technology convergence and building 3D data coupled with rising work related to castral resurvey.” 

He said LX will do its utmost to strengthen its public roles and accomplish state-invested business as soon as possible. 

Officials with LX attend a session at Lahan Hotels in Jeonju on July 20 to launch a project to build an open spatial information big data platform and a center. (Photos: LX) 

LX Selected by MSIT as Leading Institution for Big Data

LX has been designated as a leading institution responsible for big data and related sectors by the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) and the National Information Society Agency (NIA) for 2022. 

LX held a session at Lahan Hotels in Jeonju on July 20 and announced a plan to build a big data platform in the spatial information sector by investing 14 billion won for the next three years. 

It will also produce, reveal, standardize and distribute about 340 kinds of public and private sector spatial information data.

Under the plan, LX will build a big data platform in the spatial information sector while working out good quality data distribution channels by standardizing the private sector’s spatial information data and supporting managing of quality.

Ten designated companies, including Geospatial Information Technology, will produce, distribute and spread geospatial information data each has built using a big data platform for the next three years. 

Bang Sung-bae, head of LX’s Planning and Innovation Division, said, “The public sector-oriented geospatial information data distribution channels have existed so far, but from now on, geospatial information, built by the private sector, will be offered for a fee or free of charge.” 

By doing so, he said, LX will give a helping hand in creating new industries and building the ecosystem to grow convergence industries. 

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