KOSPO, KEPCO to Build Storage Infrastructure for Ammonia Coal Mixed Combustion Power Plant
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KOSPO, KEPCO to Build Storage Infrastructure for Ammonia Coal Mixed Combustion Power Plant
Both sides sign MOU on building ammonia coal mixed combustion power plant infrastructure

24(Tue), May, 2022

Shim Jae-won of the Business Division at Korea Southern Power (KOSPO) and Choi Hyun-geun, head of the Power Innovation Headquarter at Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO) pose after they signed an MOU to verify an ammonia coal mixed combustion power at KEPCO Research Institute (KEPRI) in Daejeon on April 20. (Photos: KOSPO)

Korea Southern Power (KOSPO) and Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO) signed an MOU to implement a project to build a 30,000-ton ammonia storage tank at KEPCO Research Institute (KEPRI) in Daejeon on April 20. 

An ammonia mixed combustion power generation is a clean power generation technology designed to burn ammonia using the conventional coal combustion boilers. 

In January, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) designed a project to build ammonia power generation infrastructure as one of the state-subsidized tasks, and selected KOSPO as the winner of a related public contest. 

KOSPO will be a business execution organization responsible for building large-scale ammonia storage infrastructure, while KEPCO is a project supervisor responsible for provision of state subsidies and project management. 

The project will cost a combined 40 billion won. It calls for building an ammonia unloading pier, reception facilities and a 30,000-ton ammonia storage tank timely for the verification of a 20-percent ammonia coal mixed power generation plant, and stabilizing the supply of the clean, no-carbon fuel. 

KOSPO is expected to reduce carbon emissions by about 1.4 million tons annually by substituting coal for ammonia in direct proportion in the operation of ammonia coal mixed combustion power generation plant. 

The power company is expected to play a part of pump priming for the verification and commercialization of an ammonia coal mixed combustion power plant, thus building a no-carbon power industry ecosystem and contributing to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Shim Jae-won, head of KOSPO’s business division, said, “The ammonia power plant infrastructure project is a start of an energy transition watersheds and a pump-priming for realizing carbon neutrality.” 

Both companies will suggest a coal-fired plant standard model using ammonia by implementing the project seamlessly through close collaboration and spearheading efforts to boost the hydrogen economy. 

Korea Southern Power (KOSPO) held a debate on anti-corruption and integrity on May 13. Participants gesture for their determination to make KOSPO a public entity, beloved by people. 

KOSPO Ramps Up Safety Management Investments to Prevent Serious Disasters

Korea Southern Power Co. increased safety management expenditures on a project to change an outside coal storage facility into an indoor one, being implemented by the Hadong Bit Dream Headquarters beyond the legally required rate, the power said on April 7.

KOSPO decided to raise safety management costs related to a project to prevent floating coal dust from 1.1 billion won to 3.6 billion, a jump of 2.5 billion won. 

The project involves installation of a roof over an outside coal storage facility measuring 150,000 sq. meters in size. 

Earlier, KOSPO introduced a smart safety management system designed to monitor employees’ location in real time to build a disaster-free and injury-free foundation. 

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