KPX Releases Analysis on Korea’s Use of EVs via GO15 Webinar
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KPX Releases Analysis on Korea’s Use of EVs via GO15 Webinar
Become the sole entity to present the analysis at a global webinar, hosted by GO15

25(Mon), Apr, 2022

Korea Power Exchange (KPX) announced an analysis of the distribution and use Korea’s electric vehicles and charging stations at a global webinar, hosted by GO15 on April 7.

Korea Power Exchange (KPX) presented an analysis of the distribution and use Korea’s electric vehicles and charging stations at a global webinar, hosted by GO15 on April 7.

Last year, KPX published a booklet on the analysis of the current status of spread and use of EVs and chargers in Korea and posted it on its website. The exchange translated it into an English version and sent it to GO15. 

It has stoked interest from many overseas institutions, so the sole webinar on the related report was hosted by GO15.

GO15, an association for very large power grid operators, represents more than half of the world’s electricity demand. 

GO15 has a membership of 15 institutions from 12 countries, including PJM and CAISO of the United States, RTE of France, and Tokyo Electric Power. KPX, which entered GO15 in 2005, has implemented active international exchanges. 

Created in 2004 after several blackouts had occurred, the organization is dedicated to high level exchanges. It offers industry leaders the opportunity to address major strategic and technical issues affecting the safety, the reliability and the sustainability of power systems.

At the webinar, KPX reported that Korea’s EV ownership stood at about 200,000 units as of the end of September 2021, accounting for approximately 0.8 percent of the total registered units across the nation. 

Specifically, Gyeonggi-do topped the EV ownership with 35,000 units, followed by Seoul with 33,000 units. Jeju ranked 1st with a 3.7 percent share in the portion of EVs out of registered cars. 

Next came Daegu with 1.2 percent, Seoul with 1.1 percent and Daejeon with 1 percent. 

The number of EV chargers installed across the nation came to about 72,000 units as of the end of June 2021. Out of the total, the number of rapid charging units stood at 13,000 or 17.7 percent, and the remaining 59,000 units, or 82.3 percent, are slow charging ones. 

Looking into the use of battery chargers, rapid charging units had a higher charging rate during daytime hours since they were used for rapid operation. 

On the other hand, slow-charging units were used in non-activity hours when cars could be parked for longer hours and in the dead of night when charging rates are cheaper. 

As for the use of installation locations, battery chargers at service areas had the highest average utilization hours of 677.6 minutes. 

They had the higher average frequency rate of 112 occasions, more than two times than counterparts at public institutions, marts, tourist spots and gas stations. 

KPX found that EVs which had travelled long distances had to utilize chargers at service areas. Countries around the world are rushing to primarily shift to EVs to cope with climate change and reduce carbon emissions. 

Studies, such as those on the outlook of electricity demand for EVs, is under way in earnest. But detailed analysis materials such as those on each country’s spread of EVs and charging stations, are not sufficient for in-depth studies.

A KPX official said KPX analyzed, announced and supplied the current status of the spreading and using of EVs and chargers in Korea to overseas institutions through the GO15 webinar, serving as an opportunity to help overseas entities take their cue from Korea’s example. 

A view of KPX headquarters in Naju, Jeollanam-do. (Photos: KPX)

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