Amore Adds Sullin Special Anti-Aging Line to Sulwhasoo Luxury Brand
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Amore Adds Sullin Special Anti-Aging Line to Sulwhasoo Luxury Brand
AmorePacific boasts anti-oxidization element extricated from apricot flowers mixed in the new cosmetic line, protecting skin from aging

28(Tue), May, 2019

Sulwhasoo Sullin Cream

Sulwhasoo Yebit Cream

Sulwhasoo, a luxury brand among AmorePacific’s anti-aging cosmetic product lines, has signalled the renewal of the representative anti-aging Sulllin Line, marking its inclusion as its own anti-aging brand.

The marketing campaign for Sulwhasoo will be strengthened to let its customers know more about its history and philosophy. It is a special luxury brand with its own beauty bridging the time-old Korean tradition and modernity.

The cosmetic brand’s beauty is culled from natural raw materials following a deep understanding and continuous study to come up with truly precious natural raw materials.

Sulwhasoo, in pursuit of balance between the external and internal, applied high-tech on the red ginseng and red pine, and others, raw materials that have Asia’s unique wisdom, to show off the unique and true value of Korean beauty to the world.

Ever since the birth of Sulwhasoo half century ago and until now, the beautiful travel course that was kicked off with ginseng went through many changes after the study on the Oriental raw material was expanded.

In 1997, the letter sul was taken from snow to signify the beauty of snow, hwa from “Maehwa” or plum blossom, which blossoms in the winter to show its beauty in the coldest season, and soo, meaning especial beauty to make up Sulwhasoo, which took its place as a representative luxury Oriental brand cosmetics.

Sulwhasoo Yunjo Essence (Photos: AmorePacific)

A team of Sulwhasoo researchers studied many books on Oriental medical history, including the Tonguibogam, the most famous and well-read Oriental medical book, focusing on the thousands of medicinal herbs, their effects and the ways to make them, especially, the ways to maximize synergy among the medicinal herbs when mixed together, from an overall sense not just the effects of an individual medicinal herb. Such extensive research on Sulwhasoo succeeded in mixing the wisdom of Oriental medicine with modern science to bring balance.

From time immemorial, ginseng has been known as the most surprising gift from nature has been effective in strengthening immunity, resistance for aging, regeneration, anti-oxidation, to name some.

Ginseng found in Korea - with four distinct seasons - contains around 40 percent more saponin than Ginseng found in other countries, and twice the saponin elements

Ginseng is a precious plant well-known around the world since the Goryeo Dynasty and those grown in Korea is considered as the highest of quality. It is an ingredient with a longstanding history and a deep tradition that holds the nature of the Korean Peninsula and the wisdom of the Korean people.

Kaesong, which was where AmorePacific founder Jangwon Suh Sungwhan spent his childhood, has been the prime region of Korean ginseng. And the Kaesong-born founder’s unique wisdom was the biggest driver for AmorePacific discovering the beauty value held in ginseng. AmorePacific started research into ginseng in earnest at the start of the 1960s since its establishment.

AmorePacific’s research on ginseng has now continued for much more than 50 years. Since AmorePacific showcased its first-ever ginseng-based cosmetics ‘ABC Ginseng Cream’ to the world in 1966, it started research on saponin, a core active constituent found in ginseng, starting from the 1970s. And in 1985, ‘Sulwha’, the start of the brand ‘Sulwhasoo’, was born.

In-dept research into ginseng continued and based on the research into the efficacy of ginseng ingredients on the skin in the 1990s, AmorePacific successfully discovered how to utilize enzyme in effectively extracting rare active saponin from ginseng in the 2000s.

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