Kumho E&C to Make Eoullim Apts Smarter
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Kumho E&C to Make Eoullim Apts Smarter
They will have IT installed by adding ‘wall pad’ and ‘Smart app’ to provide Smart home service under Super Green System with HEPA filters to remove fine dust and also save energy

27(Sat), Apr, 2019

A bird’seye view of the Kumho Eoullim Apt Complex in Namchon, Busan, to be built by Kumho E&C.(Photo: Kumho E&C)

The Eoullim, Kumho E&C’s apartment brand, is getting “smarter.” The company is working hard on the development of an apartment with IT installed by adding a “Wall pad” and “Smart app” to provide smart home service for the convenience of the residents.

The construction firm is in the middle of developing diverse items so that the residents in the Eoullim apartments can enjoy a Smart Living environment.

 The first in the effort is coming up with some sort of the facility to prevent the residents in the Eoullim apartments from sick from fine dust, which has been getting worse. The company has decided to install the Super Green System in the apartments being built in M1 and M4 in Sejong City 4-2. Systems include a “Smart air” and heat exchanger with filters that the company plans to install in each apartment.

 The HEPA filters can remove fine dust in the apartment so the air stays at a pleasant level. The Super Green Air Exchange System also has an additional function, which is saving on energy costs.

The system exchanges the air inside the apartment with the air outside, with the cooling air effective rate being 45 percent and the heating air 70 percent. The difference between the temperature of the air inside and outside will be used to save the energy. The fine dust measuring equipment can measure the fine dust and inform the resident how bad the fine dust condition is. The device will be connected with a wall pad.

Residents in the Eoullim apartments can plan their outings based on the level of the fine dust conditions as shown in the system.
 The company plans to conclude an agreement with SK Telecom on Smart home services, and provide services to its Hangang Kumho Eoullim apartments located in such areas as the Gimpo and Yangok housing complexes.

The Namcheon Kumho Eoullim The Beach, a residential complex in Namchon-dong, Suyoung Ward in Busan built by Kumho Engineering and Construction Co., has been selected as the winner of the Residential Environment Culture Grand Award for 2017.

President Suh Jae-hwan said he is proud of the award, which is considered one of the top environmental residential awards, saying “We can only do our best to have the residents always feel proud of their apartments outside the complex and at the same time always feel satisfied with the apartments inside the complex.” President Suh, who became the CEO of the construction firm in August last year, said they should always take good care of the brand of the apartment through reform so consumers can be proud. In January, Kumho E&C changed the brand identity of its apartment, for the first time in 14 years, to “Eoullilm.”

The move is in line with CEO Suh’s message to change the identity of design through reform. The new BI was designed to show that Eoullim apartments incorporate harmony between nature, humans and technology.

Special features of the residential complex include a location overlooking the sea over Kwangan-ri Bay. The structure is equipped with a Smart home system developed by the construction firm. The system involves upgrading customer satisfaction by incorporating harmony between nature, humans and technology.

The complex is a model of the reconstruction of the Samick Villa, which is some 26 stories high with four basement floors. It also has units ranging from 84 to 104 square meters in size. There are 421 units in all.

The complex is located close to the beach and grassy lawns so that residents can enjoy the natural surroundings any time they want. The beach is only a couple of minutes from the complex. The great view of the Gwangan-ri Bay with the Gwangan Grand Bridge in sight would be something that visitors in the area won’t forget easily.

Also coming into view are Mount. Kumrun and a natural park in the area to add to the already great view.

The complex has easy accesses to a number of key transportation facilities in the area, with the No.2 Subway Namchon Station and the Mount Kumryun Station only 10 minutes on foot from the complex. The complex has very easy accesses to high-speed rail at Busan Station.

Residents in the complex also have easy access to Kwangan Grand Bridge, Bunyong Road and the Kwangrung to go downtown.
The complex also has very easy access to educational institutions, including a kindergarten just next to the complex, Namchon Primary School, Busan East Girls High School, Namchon Middle School, Daeyon High School and Bukyong University. All are within walking distance.

Located within five minutes is an open market, Namchon Beach Market, Namchon Mega Mart, Suyong Community Center. KBS Broadcasting Station, Santum City Shinsegye Department Store CGV and Lotte Cinema are also located nearby.

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