Daewoo E&C Installs Smart-Home IoT Service at Prugio Apts
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Daewoo E&C Installs Smart-Home IoT Service at Prugio Apts
The construction firm has been installing smart service mixed with IoT and AI technologies at its Prugio apts which the residents can use to operate home appliances without touching them with the smart-home services and get other info useful in daily live

29(Wed), Aug, 2018

An employee of Daewoo E&C tests a smartphone to see if he can get an IoT service at the Cheolsan Prugio Apts, Gyeoinggi Province, which is provided for free for 3 years. (Photos: Daewoo E&C)

Daewoo E&C has been installing a smart-home IoT service connected with communication companies at its Prugio brand apartments.

The company, in fact, installed a smart service mixed with IoT and the AI technology that can pick out certain voices, which the residents can use to operate a number of home appliances including refrigerators, air cleaners, thermostats, washing machines and those communication facilities connected with communication firms. The residents can get such information as exchange rates, share prices, the translation of languages, shopping and weather forecasts from the communication facilities.

The construction firm plans to add the Big Data and Deep Running technologies to its home network system and other services tailor-made to the residents’ life styles starting from the Prugio brand apartments to be allocated from the fall.

The construction firm also plans to use the 5ZSC (Five Zones Clean Air System) to measure the air from the gates and the interiors of the apartments to see if it is clean or not. The company will install the E Hall Clean Air System to measure the air outside the apartments including at the parking lots and other areas inside the apartment complexes.

The Smart Air Quality Control System will be installed inside the apartments to control the air automatically comparing the air inside the apartments and outside.

The Five Zones Security System will be installed at the Prugio brand apartments, which will include smart door cameras at the entrances of those apartments while the CCTVs with 2 million pixels will be set up along the walls of the complexes and inside the elevators to watch what’s going on including the cars in and out of the apartment complexes, and as unmanned guard systems.

Daewoo E&C plans to supply 15,057 apartments in the 12 residential complexes around the country in the second half of the year out which 8,248 apartments will be sold to the general public.

In November, the company plans to supply 749 Xi apartments in Suwon City, and Prugio Echo apartments (340 units) in Kwacheon and 159 units in Sadang, Gyeonggi Province. In December, the company is set to supply 262 S6 type apartments in Kwachon, and 1,540 AB 16 Bloc apartments in Incheon.

Eco-friendly Technology ‘Green Premium’ Developed by Daewoo E&C, Green Premium is a technology for Zero Energy Houses based on a convergence between passive energy technology for minimizing energy consumption and active technology for energy self-sufficiency.

Apartments designed with Green Premium technology provide a smart control switch which includes real-time monitoring of energy, gas shutdown, lighting control, security settings and elevator call and heating energy saving system, standby power shutdown. It also uses a remote gauging/monitoring system for collecting and analyzing 5 factors which are electricity, gas, cold and hot water supply and heating.

In addition, energy saving devices such as a wind speed controlling multi-segment chamber, sensor-type sink water saver and ultra water-saving toilet are installed to create an eco-friendly residential environment.

The ‘Zero Energy House’ is a concept of having a self-sufficient energy supply in the apartment complex. Daewoo E&C developed ‘Green Premium’ technology based on this concept with an aim to implement it by 2023.

“We are also planning to develop biogas energy using high concentration food waste and sewage sludge for application first in the domestic market and overseas projects in the future,” the company said.

A bird's eyeview of the Cheolsan Prugio Apts.

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