IBK to Lead New Age of Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation
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IBK to Lead New Age of Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation
CEO Kim unveils new map for the bank’s operation on its 57th anniversary marked Aug. 1, including expansion overseas and reentering Kaesung Ind. Complex in N. Korea to remove border lines between two Koreas

29(Wed), Aug, 2018

President Kim Do-jin delivers his congratulatory speech at a ceremony on Aug. 1 celebrating the 57th anniversary of the Industrial Bank of Korea(IBK) held at the bank’s head office in Eulziro, downtown Seoul. (Photos: IBK)

The Industrial Bank of Korea will work so hard that its funds will flow into worksites, declared President Kim Do-jin on the occasion of the bank’s 57th anniversary on Aug. 1, which was celebrated in a ceremony held at the bank’s head office in Euljiro, downtown Seoul.

 He added that the finance industry should play a role in the development and create social values, and capital should be invested in industrial facilities so they can develop technologies which will create jobs.

 His message to employees was that they should help put into work the government’s basic policy to make finance productive and inclusive. The IBK CEO outlined that the bank should be able to overcome four obstacles ahead for its further progress as a financial institution.

"We need to leave our past behind and stop taking the path we are so used to, but move beyond the boundaries," Kim told his employees. He said IBK should enter North Asia and East Europe and the Kaesung Industrial Complex in Kaesung, North Korea, to erase the border lines dividing the two Koreas.

The bank for small- and medium-sized enterprises has taken a leap over the years, joining the global top 100 banks without having to rely on mergers and acquisitions.
But the time is ripe for IBK to fully transform itself into a digital bank for the future.

"Digital is where we need to recreate ourselves and find a new edge," Kim said. "Through the adoption of new technologies and systems, the bank will be able to change like you have never seen before."
To this end, IBK will push forward in expanding its online banking services.

But above all, he said it is important for the bank to maintain customer trust and respect, while keeping vigilance as the global market faces turbulence amid the trade dispute between the United States and China.
Kim also stressed the importance of seeking opportunities abroad in regions such as Southeast Asia, Europe and Northeast Asia.

This includes being at the forefront of backing companies that will do business in North Korea in the future.
"The bank should lead in supporting inter-Korean business relations as the two Koreas work toward reconciliation,” Kim said. The Industrial Bank of Korea has been strengthening its financial support plan for SMEs across the country with the aim of creating 100,000 jobs. The organization is developing financial products that are conducive to economic growth, sends congratulatory money to those who found new jobs and offers other financial assistance.

In his congratulatory speech on the bank’s anniversary, President Kim Do-jin pledged to provide financial support to the SMEs to help create 100,000 jobs by 2022.

The bank signed cooperative agreements to achieve its job creation target with a number of public associations, including the Korea Technology Finance Corp. (Kibo), the Women Enterprise Support Center, the Korea Credit Guarantee Fun (Kodit), and the City of Suwon.

IBK signed an agreement with the Kibo to provide financial support to the technology-driven SMEs to stabilize their jobs under which the bank will provide 700 million won as support funds for technology credit guarantees. Kibo will in return issue 10 billion won worth of technology credit guarantees to the technology-driven SMEs to help them get financial help for operation.

IBK기업은행, 창립 57주년 기념식 개최

김도진 은행장, “‘동반자 금융’ 통해 따뜻한 금융, 사회와 함께하는 금융 펼칠 것”

IBK기업은행(은행장 김도진)은 1일 서울 중구 을지로 본점에서 김도진 은행장과 임직원 300여명이 참석한 가운데

창립 57주년 기념식을 열었다.

먼저 김 행장은 M&A 없이 중소기업금융 전문은행으로 유일하게 글로벌 100대 은행에 진입(93위, Tier1 기준)한 것을

축하하며, 직원들의 노력에 고마움을 전했다.

이어 김 행장은 기념사에서 “과거의 태도와 방식에 의존하는 ‘경로의존성’에서 벗어나 경계를 넘어서야 한다”며,

▲디지털 코어(CORE) 뱅크 전환 ▲주40시간 근무제 정착 ▲글로벌 금융영토 확장 ▲혁신적이고 사회적 가치를

창출하는 ‘동반자 금융’ 실현 등을 강조했다.

김 행장은 “IBK 핵심역량을 디지털 속에서 재창조 할 것”이라며, “시스템 변화와 기술 도입을 넘어 전례 없는 변화와

깊이를 각오한 ‘완전한 변신’을 이룰 것”이라고 말했다.

이어 동북아와 유라시아 진출 등 해외진출을 강조하며, 나아가 “한반도 평화시대를 맞아 새로운 남북경협시대를

선도해 나가자”고 덧붙였다.

또한 김 행장은 “금융의 기초는 신뢰”라며 ‘무신불립(無信不立)’의 태도를 강조했다. 신뢰 유지를 위해 내부통제시스템,

금융소비자 보호, 현장중심 경영을 강화해 나가겠다고 말했다. 


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