27th Road Day Observed in Celebration
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27th Road Day Observed in Celebration
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport jointly with Korea Road Assoc. host the celebration honoring 74 in construction and related industries winning medals and citations for contribution to the road construction; MOLIT Minister Kim Hyun-mee c

25(Wed), Jul, 2018

MOLIT Minister Kim Hyun-mee delivers her congratulatory speech at the 27th Road Day ceremony on July 6 held at the Construction Hall in Seoul. (Photos:MOLIT)

KEC President Lee Kang-rae give a speech at the 27th Road Day anniversary event.

A group of the medal and citation winners led by MOLIT Minister Kim Hyun-mee is lined up at the ceremony for the 27th Road Day held at the Construction Hall in Seoul on July 6. (Photos:MOLIT)

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, jointly with the Korea Road Association, hosted the 27th Road Day ceremony on July 6 at the Construction Hall in Gangnam District in southern Seoul. Some 600 government officials, legislators and executives of the construction firms attended the event, led by Minister Kim Hyun-mee of the MOLIT and President Lee Kang-rae of the KEC.
A total of 74 construction company executives and those from the related companies won medals and citations for their contributions to the development of the construction industry in Korea.
Minister Kim, in her congratulatory speech, said the expectations for peace on the Korean Peninsula have been rising on the part of the people.
We should make the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution the age of Korea by nurturing the technologies for road construction with the people’s safety as the foremost value, she said.
The government designated July 7, 1970 as the first national Road Day, with the Seoul-Busan Expressway officially opening. The goal was to encourage the people, including engineers working on highway construction and related areas, to spur the construction of highways in Korea. Since then, a ceremony took place every year since then to commemorate the day.
The road network in Korea is made up of national expressways and highways, which link major urban areas throughout the nation, and provincial roads which link daily living zones within each province.
The road network within the urban areas is mutually connected. While these roads are connected with each other in all directions, the expressway and highway run more in the north-south direction than in the east-west direction and have relatively much traffic due to topographical conditions.
As of December 2008, the total length of the roads was 104,236km, of which 81,835km, or 78.5% were paved. Further, 26.2% of the paved roads, or 20,978 km, have four lanes and 73.8% of them, or 60,357km, have two or less lanes. However, the length of a road per km2 of national land is 1.5km, which is much shorter than that of advanced countries. Therefore, further investment and development are required to strengthen the transport capacity of Korean roads.
The modern road network has led the national economy, and greatly contributed to the balanced regional development and the improvement of the living standard. Since the opening of the Gyeongbu Expressway in the 1970s, Korean modern roads have been benefited marginalized regions and farming & fishing villages in transport as well as provided the main logistics strongholds like industrial complexes by constructing expressway, national highway, and provincial roads on a full-scale.
17th Road Photo Contest
Korea Expressway Corp. (KEC) is holding the 17th Road Photo Contest for one month until July 31. The photo contest is divided into expressway and general road categories under the theme “Road.” It is designed to explore undisclosed photos on Korean roads and share the beauty of Korean roads. Entry applications can be made by 2 p.m. on July 31 via the KEC’s website.
Kim Sung-jin, head of KEC’s public relations office, said winning entries will be utilized to produce KEC’s official blogs, Facebook, other social network services, calendars and other PR publications.

‘국민과 함께 하는 도로! 세계로 미래로!’…「제27회 도로의 날」 기념

6일 건설회관서 유공자 74명 표창…‘미래도로의 비전’제시

국토교통부(장관 김현미)와 한국도로협회(회장 이강래)는 7월 6일(금) 오후 2시 건설회관(서울 강남구)에서「제27회 도로의 날」기념식을 개최했다.

도로의 날(7월 7일)은 국가 경제발전과 산업성장의 원동력이 되었던 경부고속도로 개통일(1970.7.7)을 기념하여 도로교통인들의 자긍심 고취와 도로산업 발전을 도모하기 위해 지난 1992년 제정된 이후 매년 정부 차원의 기념식으로 개최되어 왔다.

이번 기념행사는 국민생활과 밀접한 관계에 있는 도로의 중요성에 대한 인식을 고취시키고 대내·외 여건변화와 도로관련 산업의 대전환의 시기를 맞아 한 단계 더 도약하자는 의미를 담아 “국민과 함께하는 도로! 세계로! 미래로!” 라는 주제로 열렸다.

김현미 국토교통부 장관과 이강래 한국도로협회장(現한국도로공사 사장)을 비롯하여 유관기관 단체장, 임직원, 수상자 등 도로교통 분야 관계자 약 600여 명이 참석한 가운데 성황리에 개최되었다.

이날, 기념식에서는 그동안 도로교통 분야 발전에 기여한 유공자 74명이 정부포상 및 국토교통부 장관표창을 수상했다.

에스케이건설㈜ 정철 전무가 그간 도로건설 산업발전에 기여한 공로를 인정받아 최고의 영예인 은탑산업훈장을 수상했으며, 이 외에, 국민의 생명과 안전을 지키기 위해 도로사고현장에서 인명구조, 화재진압 등에 최선을 다한 소방 · 경찰공무원을 비롯해 도로 이용객과의 최접점에서 통행료 수납업무를 담당하는 종사자도 수상자로 선정했다.

이날 행사에 참석한 김현미 국토교통부 장관은 “한반도 평화에 대한 국민적 기대가 높아지고 있다”면서, “국민안전을 최우선의 가치로, 안전하고 스마트한 도로건설 기술력을 키워 4차 산업혁명 시대를 대한민국의 시대로 만들어 가자” 고 당부했다.


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