ITO and Incheon City Host 2018 Korea Ocean Expo
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ITO and Incheon City Host 2018 Korea Ocean Expo
Held on June 20 at Incheon Songdo Conventia, Korea Coast Guard also becomes co-hosts for event designed to boost tourism in Incheon in support of campaign promoted by Incheon City

26(Tue), Jun, 2018

The Incheon Tourism Organization (ITO), Incheon Metropolitan City and the Korea Coast Guard opened the 2018 Korea Ocean Expo at Incheon Songdo Conventia on June 20 in step with the city’s “Discover Incheon” campaign.
The campaign is designed to drum up tourism for the port city, which is already well-known for its highly valued tourism landmarks, Incheon Int’l Airport and Incheon Harbor.
 Co-hosted by the ITO and Reed K Fairs, the ocean expo saw some 151 companies show off some of the most modern marine safety equipment, along with small- and medium-sized shipbuilders displaying core safety equipment.
 The foreign buyers included a number of coast guards, shipbuilding equipment makers from a total of nine countries. Some held one-on-one sales consultations with the Korean ocean equipment makers displaying their equipment at the expo.
 ITO officials said they strengthened the professionalism of the export consultations this time around, with the joint exhibition halls operated by KOMERI, the Korea Shipbuilding Material Equipment Research Institute and the Korea Ocean Marine Equipment Agency (KOMEA).
The expo also had an exhibition hall for unmanned airplanes.
Also held at the expo were: the Conference on Korean Association of Maritime Police Science (June 20), the Technical Seminar (June 20), the 3rd International Water Safety Symposium (June 19-23), Hebei Spirit Oil Pollution International Conference (June 21), Joint Conference on Korean Society of Marine Environment and Safety and Korea National Park Research Institute (June 21-22) and the Workshop on Korea Coast Guard (June 20-23).
 For the sake of popularizing marine safety culture, a number of exhibitions were held on safety, such as those on maritime safety, drone navigation, VR, cardiovascular pulmonary resuscitation, a lifesaver wearing campaign, among others.
 At the Marine Safety Golden Bell, a special program for youths, a number of awards were presented, including the Maritime Police Force Commander Award, the Inchon Mayor Award, and the Incheon Education Commissioner Award.

 An ITO official said the expo was held to give the shipbuilding industry a shot in the arm to get itself of out of the current slump.
“We will continue try to make the event to grow to be a great international fair, not just being a regional exhibition in the Incheon area,” the official said.
 Incheon City and Songdo Conventia went to Dubrovnik, Croatia, for five days from June 5-9 to hold B2B consultations with the MICE buyers gathered at the M&I Europe Dubrovnik, the largest MICE B2B event in Europe, which was hosted by the Worldwide Event in Britain and is held in 9 major countries in the world including Europe and North America in such countries as Spain, France and Mexico.
 Around 90 percent of the sellers consisted of those who participated in the M&I Forum. They were able to participate in the M&I Forum, one of the major MICE B2B events and succeeded to paving the way to the exploration of the European market, a significant achievement.
“We’ll continue to participate in the follow-up events to make Songdo Conventia more competitive internationally,” an official said.
 In the meantime, Incheon City and Songdo Conventia have been contacting the Worldwide Event of Britain to invite the M&I Forum to hold its meetings in Songdo Conventia.
President Chae Hong-ki of the ITO, which operates Songdo Conventia, said they will bring the M&I Forum to Songdo Conventia to consolidate its position as the leading MICE business platform in Asia so that MICE businesses in Incheon might make a jump in their development.

인천광역시와 해양경찰청이 공동으로 주최하고, 인천관광공사와 리드케이훼어스(유)가 공동 주관하는

「2018 국제 해양·안전대전」이 오는 6월 20일(수)부터 22일(금)까지 3일간 송도컨벤시아에서 개최된다.

본 전시회는 수도권 유일의 해양특화전시회로서 2013년도에 처음 개최된 이래 해양 안전을 책임지고 있는

해양경찰청과 해양 분야를 특화전시회로 육성하고자 하는 인천광역시가 함께 추진하고 있는 대표적인 해양 전문 전시회이다.

본 행사는 올해 4회째 행사로, 특히 금년부터는 기존의‘해양·안전장비전’과 더불어 조선분야를 확장시켜

 ‘중소조선 및 워크보트 산업전’을 동시에 개최함으로써 조선 및 해운업의 불황으로 풍파를 겪고 있는

국내 조선 산업의 활성화에 기여할 것으로 기대된다.

이번 행사는 전국 각지의 해양‧안전 및 조선관련 152개 업체가 참여하며, 안전·레저관, 특수장비관 등 6개관으로 구성한

해양·안전장비와 중소조선 및 워크보트, 친환경 선박설비 및 선박지원관, 여객·항만 소요장비 및 비품 등이 확대 출품된다.

특히, 금번 전시회에는 참가업체들의 해외 판로 개척을 돕기 위해 싱가포르, 대만, 중국, 베트남, 러시아, 말레이시아,

필리핀, 인도네시아, 인도 등 총 9개국 해외코스트가드 및 선주, 조선기자재 업체 해외바이어가 참가해 국내업체와

1:1 매칭으로 해외수출상담회가 열린다. 

또한, 국내외 전문가들이 한자리에 모여 2007년에 발생한 태안의 기름유출사고의 모니터링 결과를 공유하고

향후 방향을 찾는 ▲허베이스피리트호 유류오염 국제컨퍼런스(6.21.)를 비롯한 ▲한국해양경찰학회(6.20.),

▲참가업체 기술 세미나(6.20.), ▲제3회 국제수상안전심포지엄(6.19.~23.), ▲해양환경안전학회-국립공원연구원

공동 국제학술발표회(6.21.~22.) 등 전시회와 함께 다양한 국제컨퍼런스 및 학회 행사들도 열릴 예정이다.

이밖에도 전시장 내 체험존에서는 선박안전/드론조정/단정 VR 체험, 매듭묶기, 심폐소생술, 구명조끼 착용 캠페인 등

다채로운 부대행사도 준비되어 있으며, 청소년의 해양 안전의식 고취를 위해 인천 관내 청소년을 대상으로 한

「해양안전 도전 골든벨」경진대회를 개최할 예정이다.

시 관계자는 “올해 해양경찰청이 인천으로 환원되는 만큼 해양경찰청과 더욱 긴밀한 협조체계를 구축하여

국내 최고를 넘어 명실상부한 국제 해양 전문전시회로 육성해 나갈 계획”이라고 밝혔다.

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