Samsung C&T Does It Again in Singapore
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Samsung C&T Does It Again in Singapore
Company wins N107 Sector of North-South Hiway Project in Singapore for 500 billion won after clinching the N106 Sector Project for 680 billion won

28(Thu), Jun, 2018

An aerial view of the N107 Sector of the North-South Highway Construction Project site and the surrounding areas in Singapore captured by Samsung C&T Corp. for 500 billion won. The company also won the N106 Sector of the same project for 680 billion won, right next to the N107 Sector of the highway project in Singapore.(Photo: Samsung C&T)

Samsung C&T Corp. has strengthened its position as a force to be reckoned with in the civil engineering construction sector in Singapore by winning the N107 sector of the North-South Highway Construction Project worth 500 billion won on May 23.
The company had already won the N106 Sector Project worth 680 billion won, which is located just next of the new project.
Samsung C&T is scheduled to kick off the work on the new construction project, which was ordered by Singapore Land Transportation Agency this month, and complete it in November 2026, the company said. The project involves the construction of an underground motorway 1.37 km long in the Topayo region in the middle of Singapore and support facilities.
The company feels that a key factor in the work on the project is to minimize the its impact on the heavy traffic in the area while construction is in progress.
The removal of a 100-meter-long elevated portion of the highway passing through the project section was a key factor and so was included in the final bidding prices of the bidders. Samsung Construction got the project because it suggested a special separate design for the removal of the elevated transportation facility that could minimize the impact on current highway traffic.
A Samsung official said they tried to show that they always try to think about safety, technology and customer trust when approaching the construction projects, although the price is important.
Samsung Construction won the Civil Sector Grand Prize in the 2016 Construction Grand Award presented by the Singapore Construction Agency for building the Marina Coastal Highway C483 Project with the company’s excellence of work on the project recognized.
Samsung C&T’s 80-year history has been momentous. During its eight decades, the company has grown from its roots as a small store in the Korean city of Daegu into a modern, multinational, multi-industry group that operates across a wide range of communities. In fact, the needs of communities remain at the heart of everything Samsung C&T does and the company has always looked to develop, nurture and support the communities in which it operates.
The Trading Group has developed orphanages in Myanmar, and also helped provide access to clean water to children in disadvantaged communities in India. The Construction Group, meanwhile, has built high-tech Samsung C&T Villages in Indonesia, India and Vietnam, providing shelter and clean water for hundreds of residents. The Fashion Group’s volunteer-run Heartist House allows designers, artists and other creative types to donate their talents to the needy. And the Resort Group’s ongoing collaboration with the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea has helped restore many of the country’s most important historical and cultural sites. In this landmark 80th year, the groups have also stepped up community-building drives in their home country South Korea with a range of volunteer efforts. The initiatives have reaffirmed Samsung C&T’s commitment to giving back to the communities in which it operates.
Springtime is beautiful in Korea, but clement weather conditions often lead to a rise in air pollution on the peninsula. Air purifiers are widely available, but can be prohibitively expensive to purchase and operate for low-income households. That is why, in March, the Trading Group embarked on a month-long initiative to build air purifiers, distributing them to disadvantaged residents in Seoul’s Songpa District.
The Construction Group decided to lend a hand. A number of the group’s employees helped elderly residents of the Gangdong-gu District of Seoul with their spring cleaning efforts. They collected blankets and other hard-to-wash items.

삼성물산, 5000억원 규모 싱가포르 지하고속도로 공사 수주

싱가포르 지하도로 건설공사 2개 공구 연속 수주

삼성물산 건설부문(대표이사 이영호)은 지난 23일, 싱가포르 남북간 고속도로 N107 구간 공사를 약 5000억원(6억300만 싱가포르달러)에 수주했다.

삼성물산은 지난해 11월 N106 구간(6800억원 규모)을 수주한데 이어 이번에 인접공구 연속 수주 성공으로 싱가포르 내 토목공사 강자의 입지를 굳히고 있다.

삼성물산이 수주한 이번 공사는 싱가포르 육상교통청(LTA)이 발주한 것으로, 싱가포르 중부 토아 파요(Toa Payoh) 지역에 총 길이 1.37km의 지하차도와 설비건물 등을 건설하는 프로젝트이다.

삼성물산은 이번 공사를 단독으로 수행하며 2018년 5월 착공, 2026년 11월에 준공 예정이라고 밝혔다.

이 지역은 평소 교통량이 많아 공사 중 주변 교통흐름에 영향을 최소화하는 것이 중요한데, 특히 이번 공사구간 내 설치돼 있는 100m 길이의 고가도로를 이설하는 방법에 대한 연구가 필요했다.

삼성물산은 가격 위주의 입찰 경쟁에서 벗어나 기술력과 안전, 고객의 신뢰를 바탕으로 공사를 수주하고 있으며 이번에도 가격입찰에서 최저가를 기록하지는 못했으나, 교통혼잡을 최소화하는 특화설계를 제안하여 최종낙찰자로 선정될 수 있었다.

특히 삼성물산은 2016년에는 마리나 해안고속도로 C483 공사가 싱가포르 건설청이 주관한 건설대상 시상식에서 토목부문 대상을 수상하는 등 수행능력을 함께 인정받고 있다.


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