AmorePacific Cosmetic to Prevent Fine Dust Damage
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AmorePacific Cosmetic to Prevent Fine Dust Damage
The cosmetics giant said Laneige, Sulhwasoo, Iope, Happybath, Fresh Pop, and Primera Pure are some of cosmetics products that protect skin and scalp

30(Mon), Apr, 2018

A model, left, holds a bottle of the HappyBath Micro 2.5, Micella Oil,  recommended for removing fine dust with the property of Micella technology while the model, right, holds a bottle of the Fresh Pop Green Herb Recipe Shampoo good for removing pollutants in the scalps.

The annual yellow dust storms that threaten the Korean peninsula (and Koreans’ sensitive skin) call for the right cosmetics products. The size of the fine dust particles, about one-fifth of the size of a single pore, can result in considerable damage, including dryness, wall damage, and excess sebum.

AmorePacific’s senior researcher Shin Jin-seob said it is necessary to minimize damage to the skin from exposure to the fine dust by using certain cosmetics. Some cosmetics can effectively function as anti-pollution agents and cleansing products to fend off ultraviolet exposure. He also said it is important that people use cosmetics that strengthen skin walls steadily so that it strengthens its self-protection mechanism. 

AmorePacific suggests cosmetics items that cope with fine dust by stages in the spring when fine dust accompanies yellow dust.

Step 1: Cut off fine dust with an Primera Pure and Laneige’s anti-pollution function.

Care to protect the skin is needed as skin is liable to lose its balance after only one hour of exposure to fine dust.

 In order to counter the situation, Primera Pure Brightening UV Protector SPF50++ PA+++ priced at 35,000 won has been put on the market. The cosmetics product comes with an anti-pollution and tone-up function as well, in addition to its multi-care function that cuts off ultraviolet rays. Its special feature is the protection of the skin from ultraviolet rays and fine dust exposure to keep skin clean and clear. It’s a slightly moist and smart product that can be applied daily without being burdensome.

Laneige, priced at 26,000 won, is a smart way to protect the skin from fine dust and ultraviolet rays. It allows skin to naturally recover its tone and softness. It covers the skin with a protective coating to soften the absorption of the fine dust into the skin. It can be applied simply anytime, anywhere. 

Step 2: Remove fine dust from skins and scalp with meticulous cleansing.

Upon returning from outings, it’s more important than ever to meticulously clean out the fine dust from your skin and scalp.

The recently-released HappyBath Micro 2.5 Micella Oil, priced at 15,000 won, removes fine dust in a perfect deep cleansing way with the proprietary micro Michella technology. Ginger oil and citron extraction helps smooth-out skin that is tired from consistent attack by noxious materials and fine dust.

When used with double-deck oil-in-water mixed with yellow oil, this product erases thick make-up cleanly. The yellow oil is fast-acting as it has a light water base and  requires only one face-washing, not two. 

Pores on the scalp are larger than those on the face and thus can collect dust more easily. People returning from outings should wash their hair at night, rather than waiting till the following morning, in order to prevent itching and even hair loss. 

The Fresh Pop Green Herb Recipe Shampoo is made with strengthened natural originate content. The shampoo’s coconut mix creates plush bubbles and deep cleansing. In particular, the Micella cleansing technology and absorbed bubbles pull fine dust out to remove pollutants in the scalp.

The pleasant smells from lime and mojito will eliminate present with pleasant sensual feelings. “Super food” contents and Jejlu Island Osolrok green tea extracts will strengthen the skin of the scalp.

Step 3: Strengthen the skin walls.

Many efforts are needed to help the skin recover from damages caused by outside factors. It’s important to take steps to strengthen skin walls to enhance the skin’s self-protection function and minimize damage.

The Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream Fx, priced at 250,000 won, is the best-selling product among the Sulwhasoo products. It is an anti-ageing cream that uses the power of Ginseng to revitalize the skin. Ginseng roots and flowers have been used in the Jaeum Saeng Cream to boost the growth power of the skin to present its vitality. The “K compound,” an anti-ageing element in Ginseng roots, enhances the skin to give it more vitality.  

The Derma Repair Cica Cream, priced at 32,000 won, is another skin solution that utilized plant science. It contains madecassoside, panthenol and pyun baik extract. It is a cream to treat dry skin and help strengthen skin walls. It can be used on very irritable and sensitive skin as it passed a number of crucial tests. 

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