Kumho E&C Joins Asiana IDT, SK Telecom to Offer Integrated Smart Home Services
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Kumho E&C Joins Asiana IDT, SK Telecom to Offer Integrated Smart Home Services
Plans to continue to develop and supply advanced IT apartments with integrated services of SK Telecom’s smart home

27(Tue), Mar, 2018

An artist conception of Gimpo Hanggang Kumho Eeoullim Apartments, to be built by Kumho E&C. (Photo: Kumho E&C)

Kumho E&C signed an MOU for smart home services with Asiana IDT and SK Telecom on Jan. 17.

A smart home service is an integrated service connecting the construction company’s home network and SK Telecom’s smart home services, in which lightening and heating are not only controlled through voice recognition, but also life convenience services are offered, including diverse content like music, weather and traffic information. In-house IoT appliance and gadgets can be remotely controlled via smartphone apps.

IoT services bring conveniences to apartment residents. Apartment dwellers also can utilize such services as elevator calls, unmanned home delivery reception alarms, monitoring visitors while staying away from home and measuring electricity, tap water and other energy usage. 

Kumho E&C, which has developed smart home wall-pad module, plans to continue to develop and supply advanced IT apartments integrating integrated services of SK Telecom’s smart home.

Gimpo Hanggang Kumho Eeoullim Apartments Expected to Sell Out

Despite the government’s steps to rein in skyrocketing real estate prices, apartment prices in the Seoul metropolitan area are still on the rise. Middle-ranking apartment prices being transacted in the Seoul metropolitan area have surpassed 700 million won. 

Even though apartment prices continue to rise in the area, would-be apartment owners are scrambling to seek apartments they can buy at reasonable prices that are lower than the average rent prices. 

Gimpo Hanggang Kumho Eeoullim apartments, subject to apartment price caps, are set at 9.4 million won on average per 3.3 sq. meters, which is considered reasonable compared to most lottery apartment prices that top 10 million won per 3.3 sq. meters. 

They are cheaper than 10.9 million won per 3.3 sq. meters for Hoban Vertium VI, 12.01 million won for Gulpo Metro Xi III, 11.47 million won for Gurye Station Yemizi, and 12.01 million won for Castle & Familie.

The Gimpo Hanggang Kumho Eeoullim apartment project calls for building 873 units at the Yanggok housing development district in Gimpo City. Apartment unit prices are set at 210 million won for 59 sq. meter unit, 250 million won for 77 sq. meter unit and 260 million won for 84 sq. meter unit. 

Middle installment payments not require any interest rates, while bacony expansion can be done free of charge. Down payment can be divided twice, and initial installment is set at 10 million won. 

Gimpo Hanggang Kumho Eeoullim apartments are made in a differential fashion with a 4-by-4 room format and the size of balcony widening to a maximum of 40 sq. meters. The service area is not counted in official selling prices, but apartment occupants can utilize it as extra space. All apartment units facing south are maxed out in terms of natural lighting and ventilation.

The Gimpo Hanggang Kumho Eeoullim apartments are built as part of a natural ecological complex. They are connected with an ecological park that is about eight times bigger than a normal soccer stadium. Nearby areas include a forest, neighborhood park, and hilly area with excellent natural landscaping, offering a superb living environment for apartment dwellers. 

Walking trails connect the apartment complex with two ecological parks.  

The apartments boast excellent access to Seoul as they are located near the Gurye Station along the Gimpo Urban railway. 

The railway station is open to public traffic in November, so apartment dwellers can make it to Gimpo Airport Station in 20 minutes. They can also utilize the 2nd Seoul Metropolitan Ring Road as the apartment complex is located five minutes by car from Seogimpo IC and Daegok IC. The complex, located near the Gimpo Hangang Road, can reach the Gimpo Hangang New City IC in 11 minutes by car. 

The Gimpo Hanggang Kumho Eeoullim apartments, located by the development of Magok Development Zone in Seoul, are favored by apartment buyers due to their competitive prices that are subject to a cap, a company official in charge of selling units said. The branded apartment units are expected to sell out fast due to high demand and no interest rates for middle-installment payments, he added. 

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