Kogas Names Younger Officers to Key Positions, Breaks Glass Ceiling for Women
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Kogas Names Younger Officers to Key Positions, Breaks Glass Ceiling for Women
Officers in first and second grades replaced by much younger officers in key positions, while a woman officer was named as headquarters manager for first time

26(Mon), Mar, 2018

President Chung Seung-il of Korea Gas Corp.(Kogas) 

Choi Yang-mi, head of the Technology Business Division at Kogas.

Korea Gas Corp. (Kogas) conducted a personnel reshuffle recently to have younger talent take over key positions after the reorganization of its operational structure.

President Chung Seung-il called for strong reforms when he assumed the top managerial position in the company. He appointed a number of talented young officers to critical positions, especially key managerial roles at the Strategic Planning Dep’t, which acts as a control tower for the company. 

The median ages of those who were promoted to managers or higher were 3.1 years younger than those who were replaced, showing the CEO’s strong determination to push for extensive reforms. The reform also involved the appointment of a female headquarters manager for the first time since the company was launched in 1983.

Choi Yang-mi was named to head the Technology Business Division at Kogas, making her the first woman to hold such a position in the company’s 35-year history, and breaking the glass ceiling for women employees in the company.

Another exceptional move in the personnel reshuffle involved a woman taking over a key position in the company’s energy sector, which had been lacking in women. 

The move also showed that qualifications have been the key element in the personnel screening process for promotions. A personnel official said the recent moves this time around broke all the old practices by placing key importance on the capacity of the individual and the job description rather than other factors.

For those subject to the “salary peak” system, job performance evaluations and their capacities were harsh. As a result, 12 first and second grade officers failed to get jobs assigned to them and were replaced by younger second grade officers. 

With a CEO in his 50s taking the helm of the company, personnel officials said those who joined the company later were fared better in taking over many key positions. They added that those younger officers had to go through very tough evaluations based on their qualifications and performance.

The company will continue to push tough reforms with personnel moves based on capacities by the end of the month so the company can spur its reform management.

Korea Gas Corporation (Kogas) signed a Capacity and Optimization Agreement with EDF Trading, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EDF S.A.The agreement is for the supply and optimization of up to 4 MT of LNG over eight years from 2017. The deal enables Kogas’ participation in the European LNG market through European market access provided by EDF Trading. In addition, KOGAS employees will be seconded to EDF Trading’s offices in London.

“This agreement is an extension of our long-term relationship with Kogas where we have previously supplied gas into Korea,” said John Rittenhouse, CEO of EDF Trading.  “We also hope to be able to provide KOGAS with hedging and risk management services which will help reduce the cost of supplies to the South Korean market,” he continued. 

A view of the building in Daegue where Korea Gas Corp. is located. (Photos: Kogas)

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