Snow Festival in March, co-hosted by Gangwon Province and the Korea Tourism Organization
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Snow Festival in March, co-hosted by Gangwon Province and the Korea Tourism Organization
The Heat of the 2018 PyeongChang Paralympics, Starting with Jang Keun suk 2018 Special Meeting with Fans

14(Wed), Mar, 2018

Organized by both Gangwon Province and the Korea Tourism Organization, the Snow Festival in March will be held alongside the 2018 Winter Paralympics.

This event will showcase big-name Hallyu stars that are goodwill ambassadors for the Olympics and Gangwon Province who are looking to spend some time with fans at the Paralympics for filling the stands with passionate cheering and filling hearts with ever more excitement.


The Snow Festival in March will take place from March 9th through the 18th in tandem with the Paralympics with the following schedule.


Starting on March 10th, is Jang Keun suk in a 2018 Special Meeting with Fans


◦ Jang Keun suk played a major role in the Hallyu boom in Asia. Fans are invited from Korea and abroad in time for the opening ceremony of the Paralympics for a meeting with the actor and for 2,018 fans to watch Olympic events with the actor.

First, there will be a fan meeting scheduled on March 9th at the Baekryeong Art Center at Gangwon Province University for fans from Korea and abroad.  


The next day on March 10th, the venue will move to the Paralympic Ice Hockey Rink in Gangneung where the actor will take part in a Hope Tree Ceremony to offer best wishes to athletes, which will be followed by fans viewing the matches along with the celebrity. 


The Olympic Hope Tree Ceremony that was erected along Wolhwa Street in Gangneung is where athletes representing various countries and 1,200 fans from Korea and abroad will hold the Hope Tree Ceremony to offer their best wishes to the athletes.


◦ In addition, at Gangwon Media Center, goodwill ambassador Jang Keun suk plans to take part in a media briefing to not only share the purpose of this event, and wish the successful hosting of the Paralympics, but also to promote Gangwon Province.


◦ Goodwill ambassador Jang Keun suk invited 2,018 fans from Korea and abroad to a Paralympic Ice Hockey match with the tickets that he bought himself. The match will be between the Republic of Korea and group cheering will be planned by Japanese fans that make up a large proportion of overseas fans. With such participation, the spirit of the Olympics shown by Korean athlete, Lee Sang-hwa and her Japanese counterpart, Nao Kodaira will surely endure.


March 13th Go PyeongChang 2018 with Lee Dong-wook

Known for grabbing the international spotlight for his role in Korean dramas, Lee Dong-wook will grant a special trip for 1,000 fans. There will be a train ride on a Foreigners Exclusive Train Car on the Gyeonggang Line KTX that will be a part of a trip down memory lane stopping by the filming locations of various dramas in Gangwon Province. And there will also be a chance to view the Paralympics with tickets purchased by goodwill ambassador Lee Dong-wook himself.


March 15th, Festival with K-POP stars & March 11th/17th Ski Korea X EDM Festival

On March 15th there will be a concert of dreams features leading K-POP acts including B1A4, BTOB, Samuel, and Girlkind.

Gangwon Province and the Paralympics events will be filled with the passion and emotion of the dreams of many coming true.


◦ Also, on March 11th and 17th popular DJs from Korea (Hanmin, Glory) will prepare an exciting EDM and chimaek or chicken and beer party for visitors taking part. Viewing the Paralympics and the EDM festival will help to create a lot of excitement at the end of winter.


The Global Winter Festival, which is part of the Paralympics, is intended to attract overseas visitors to the event and will include different country themes including Japan, China, Europe and the Americas and even Southeast Asian countries that do not get snow.


The Snow Festival in March will become a legacy event of the Olympics.

Based around Olympic venues and consisting of special programs developed by Gangwon Province residents under the themes of Hallyu and snow, this festival is positioned to be a prominent global legacy festival of the Olympics held in Gangwon Province every March to increase the number of foreign tourists to the region.


The Gangwon Province Director of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Yun Seong-bo revealed the Snow Festival in March event is an event where Gangwon Province and the Korean Tourism Organization will attract foreign tourists during the Paralympics, and is a festival that was started to develop an Olympic legacy package to stimulate tourism and a will become a large-scale global Hallyu festival with diverse programs of experiences that can only be enjoyed and felt in Gangwon Province.

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