‘2018 a Year of Growth by Responding to Future Changes in Advance’
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‘2018 a Year of Growth by Responding to Future Changes in Advance’
KSA Chmn. Baek calls for adoption of changes related to 4th Industrial Revolution in present perspective

29(Mon), Jan, 2018

A view of the Korean Standards Association’s holding of a ceremony to kick off the 2018 business year at the KSA headquarters on Jan. 2.

KSA Chairman Baek Soo-hyun give a speech at the ceremony. (Photos: KSA)

In his New Year’s message, Korean Standards Association (KSA) Chairman Baek Soo-hyun of the said, “We now have to adopt changes related to the 4th Industrial Revolution in the present perspective and strive to reinvent the capabilities we’ve accumulated into new businesses.” 

The following are excerpts of the message:

“I hope that the year 2018 will be a year in which, despite many hardships, diverse industries will embrace a paradigm shift and overcome them in a wise and sensible fashion. “Even though we face other difficulties every year, we’re facing up to the reality of the 4th Industrial Revolution as the present thing, not the future. We now have to adopt changes related to the 4th Industrial Revolution in the present perspective and strive to reinvent the capabilities we’ve accumulated so far into new businesses. 

“As product and service life cycles are shortened at a fast pace, whereas the complexity, caused by ICT technology convergence, is intensified, an effective technology response system is required. Advanced countries, including the United States, Germany and Japan have established and put into practice long- and short-term technology and policy strategies toward the environment. According to an analysis by the Swiss UBS, Korea ranked 25th in terms of competition in the 4th Industrial Revolution. It is no longer delayed. Making the most of Korea’s strengths, Korean companies need to approach the 4th Industrial Revolution with differentiation in mind . 

“The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) has set 12 new industries, including EV/self-driving cars, robots and IoT home appliances, as future growth engines. The public and private sectors do not spare investments by setting aside more than 7 trillion won in R&D funds to upgrade the structure of the industries and secure proprietary technologies. 

“But in order to help Korea take a leadership in the 4th Industrial Revolution and ‘smart’ era, two factors ― interoperability and global cooperation ― are essential. K Interoperability will be secured through Korean and foreign technology exchanges and standardization cooperation, and world-class intelligence information technology infrastructure needs to be built. I wish 2018 will be made a year in which strenuous efforts are made to this end.

“In keeping with the changing times, the KSA will strive to explore and nurture future growth engines connected with standards and quality in diverse areas, and offer them to the industry community. 

Thirty years have passed since 1987 when the ISO9001 made its debut as a quality assurance system. Companies, which have obtained the ISO9001 are required to change it to the 2015 version by September. Renditions of the standard in 2000 and 2008 had a ‘medium-level’ structure (MLM). The 2015 version can be defined as a ‘new paradigm management system’ to reflect economic, environmental and social factors across the board to help companies achieve sustainable management. 

“The KSA endeavors to offer quality certification services to customers by coping with the diversification of certifications to the ISO 7001 for an anticorruption management system, the ISO45001, a safety and health management system, and the ISO41001, an equipment safety management system, on top of the certification change of the ISO9001. 

“Data is the most important in terms of value. Scientific data may be key to a shift into a super connected IoT society. The most promising job in the United States is ‘data scientist.’ The KSA has developed a next-generation management innovation program based on data science and will have it in place. An AI expert course will be opened in 2018. We plan to create consistent capabilities connected with data science and business models as well as developing and offering solutions to suit them.” 

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