KEB Hana Bank Picks up 6th Financial Consumer Protection Grand Award
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KEB Hana Bank Picks up 6th Financial Consumer Protection Grand Award
Jurors cite bank’s variety of programs to help consumers such as KEB Hana Solomon, Zero Complaints Campaign, Prevention of Voice Phishing

22(Fri), Dec, 2017

President Ham Young-joo of KEB Hana Bank.(Photo: KEB Hana Bank)

KEB Hana Bank won the 6th Financial Consumer Protection Grand Award of the Financial Services Commission Chairman, which was designated by the Korea Economic Daily with the support of the Financial Services Commission (FSC) and the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS). The citation for the award said the bank has been focused on the protection of consumers’  financial best interest by operating the KEB Hana Solomon, the Zero Complaints campaign and the Exercise for Prevention of Voice Phishing and other programs dedicated to solving customer complaints.

The citation also noted that the bank not only searched for consumers’ financial problems, but KEB Hana Bank took measures to prevent those problems from happening, ― especially for customers who are handicapped and foreigners ― with various tailor-made services, which were said to impress the jurors of the financial awards.

President Ham Young-joo said the award came in KEB Hana Bank’s favor as a result of everyone at the bank working their hearts out to make Giving Joy to Clients as the top most value in their work. 

The award presentation took place Nov. 28 at the Dasan Hall of the Korea Economic Daily building in Joongrim-dong, Seoul.

President Ham Young-joo used to say the center of the financial market is made of people, and the market and the banks try hard to provide the financial products that make their customers happy and provide financial services the markets want and need.

The philosophy that the CEO subscribes to is “Whenever and wherever, providing the financial services that centered around the customers. This is why KEB Hana Bank has been known as the bank offering the people the easiest accesses,” he said.

KEB Hana Solomon has been a facility for the bank to listen to what customers want and adjust the development of its products and reform its services in tune with what they want.

The bank observes “Financial Day” every month to check and see if the financial products offered at the branches are sold out completely and get information on customers problems, if any. The event has been very useful in boosting the level of its understanding where the customers stand as far as its products and services are concerned.

The Zero Complaints Campaign that the bank has been undertaking has also been very noticeable to customers, as the bank tries to take care of the damage they suffered from various financial fraud, and take action to prevent them from impacting customers through such programs as the “Exercises to Preventing Voice Phishing,” a training program for customers to prevent themselves from becoming of the victims of fraudulent schemes. The bank is able to uncover financial schemes before they get to the customers.

As a result, the bank has been able to cut the ratio of fraud bank accounts to 0.006 percent, the lowest among the banks.

The bank has also been taking the measures to make itself more accessible to the people economically isolated by turning increased portion of its publicity materials to the broadcasting media. The bank has also been operating the Channel for Financial Products and Services Exclusively for Foreign Clients in a bid to strengthen its services for foreign clients.

The bank has also been circulating the Financial Life Information regularly to customers, along with the Financial Hope Plaza, a financial service for customers. 

A view of two posters, one on prevention of “voice phishing,” left, put up by the Financial Supervisory Service and the National Police Agency and the other, right, for prevention of exchanging the bank books put up by Financial Supervisory Service.(Photos: FSS,NPA)

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