Boryung Pharmaceutical Launches Eye Drop Product ‘Rohto C Cube Aqua Charge i’
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Boryung Pharmaceutical Launches Eye Drop Product ‘Rohto C Cube Aqua Charge i’
Pharmaceutical company’s premium artificial tears part of Japanese-made “Rohto C Cube” series

21(Thu), Dec, 2017

The premium eye drop product “Rohto C Cube Aqua Charge i,” released by Boryung Pharmaceutical. (Photo: Boryung Pharmaceutical)

Boryung Pharmaceutical has released its premium eye drop product “Rohto C Cube Aqua Charge i” to treat the dryness people suffer during a dry winter season.

Eyes, one of the most sensitive parts of human body, are susceptible to a dry eye syndrome due to dry atmospheres during winter. Dry eye syndrome, caused by a lack of moisture, has symptoms including irritated eyes, dryness and pain caused by damaged ocular surface.

The “Rohto C Cube Aqua Charge i” is Boryung Pharmaceutical’s premium artificial tears drop, one of Japanese-made “Rohto C Cube” series. The Korean pharmaceutical company’s eye drop sans preservative makes a dry eye comfortable and wet. The eye drop agent can be applied even by people who wear lenses.

Wearing lenses causes the surface of the cornea to lack hydrogen, so the “Rohto C Cube Aqua Charge i” not only eases dryness but also causes hypromellose to enhance the survival rate of cornea surface cells while wearing lenses. 

“The ‘Rohto C Cube Aqua Charge i” is a product designed to make dry eyes comfortable and lubricated without causing irritation, and people are advised to not rub their eyes when foreign substances are put into eyes and use the eye drop after removing them hygienically,” a Boryung Pharmaceutical official said. 

Boryung Pharmaceutical’s Kanarb Family Predicted to Surpass 50 Bln Won in 2017

Boryung Pharmaceutical is forecast to see sales in the nation’s first new anti-hypertension drug Kanarb, and it moved closer to topping 50 billion won annually.

Boryung Pharmaceutical said it posted 28.1 billion won in sales of the Kanarb family in the first nine months of this year, an about 20 percent plunge over the same period of last year, but sales of the Kanarb family have showed signs of recovery as Kanarb prescription amounts surpassed the 5 billion won threshold for the first time on an annual basis. The Karnab family consists of Kanarb, Knabarb +, Ducarb, and Tuvero.

Karnab chalked up 10 billion won in sales in the first year of its launch in March 2011. The drug, which saw sales surge to 40 billion won last year, established itself as one of the nation’s representative new drugs. 

Ducarb, which debuted in August 2016, is predicted to top 10 billion won in sales this year. “The Kanarb family’s momentum is owed to the pharmaceutical company’s proving efficacies through continuous clinical tests,” a Boryung Pharmaceutical spokesperson said. 

The Kanarb family underwent about 37,000 clinical tests, the most among homegrown new drugs, and it was proven to be stronger and more effective in lowering blood pressure than its counterparts. 

Boryung Pharmaceutical is concentrating on the expanding of the Kanarb family lineup by developing such products as a combination drug to treat hypertension and diabetes, he added. 

Borung Turns Attention to Globalization on 60th Anniversary

Boryung Pharmaceutical, maker Yonggaksan and Gelfos, celebrated the 60th anniversary of its establishment on Oct. 1. 

Boryung Pharmaceutical Group Chairman Kim Seung-ho launched the Boryung Pharmacist Store in Jongno 5-ga, downtown Seoul, with about 5.7 million won in 1957. Under the stewardship of Chairman Kim, the business has made a quantum leap to become a group with six subsidiaries and about 800 billion won in combined annual sales.

Chairman Kim said in an interview, “It takes on significance that a businessman who started a pharmacist store celebrates 50th anniversary like (a person’s) marking of its 60th birthday.”

It is rare that someone still leads the company he founded after 60 years. Despite nearing 90 years of age, Kim is globe-trotting to meet business partners and making inspection tours. He aims to live up to his management tenets: trust and principles. Chairman Kim believes that a person who loses trust is tantamount to losing all things he or she possesses.

The secret of Boryung Pharmacist Store’s success is closely associated with Kim’s management tenets. He introduced a cash payment system instead of the conventional practice of transactions on credit and he traveled around town in person to get any drug his clients wanted to buy.

The pharmacy was the first to open in the morning and stay open until late in the evening, and it enjoyed popularity as word circulated that its medicine was the cheapest in town. “Thanks to his maintaining trust, Boryung Pharmacist Store has risen to Boryung Pharmaceutical Group,” he said.

Boryung Pharmaceutical, reflecting on the past 60 years, is now pondering its next 40 years, he said. Chairman Kim has set its management focus on globalization. 

To this end, Kim said his group plans to establish an office in the United States, the second overseas one following a Chinese operation. “When it comes to globalization, the United States, the super power of the global pharmaceutical industry, cannot be excluded,” he said. 

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