Hyundai E&C Embarks on Social Service Projects Around World
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Hyundai E&C Embarks on Social Service Projects Around World
Global builder now has 27 social service projects in 15 countries, including in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central and South America

01(Sun), May, 2016

Children with the sun lamps provided by Hyundai E&C at a welfare center in Myanmar have their photo taken with the sun lamps.(Photo:Hyundai E&C)

Since becoming a member of Hyundai Motor Group in 2011, Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co. has been working hard on social service activities around the world, fulfilling what it has to do as a global construction leader.

The company kicked off its social service activity in eight countries in the Middle East and Asia, where its construction projects are being undertaken and then it moved to Central and South America, Africa and CIS countries — seven countries in total — with nine social service projects. From 2012, the company expanded its social service activity to 15 countries with 27 social service projects there.

The company donated solar lanterns in Yangon, Myanmar, and helped to expand schools in Dacca, Bangladesh. The company built the Education Center for Children in Uganda and Columbia, just to name some of its social service work.

Just before the company became a member of Hyundai Motor Group, its market was limited to the Middle East and Asia, with its construction market share standing at only 11 percent, but since 2011, the company boosted its market share in those regions to over 60 percent, as the company succeeded in diversifying its operation. The company did not neglect its social service work in those countries, in order to contribute to the development of those countries.

The company kicked off its social service work in Kazakhstan in 2011 by building an education center in Karaganda City and the number of social service projects totaled 18 since then in the Middle East and Asia, and nine more in seven countries in Africa, bringing the total social service projects to 27 in 15 countries since then.

The company has been focused on its social service projects in Uganda, Africa and Myanmar in Asia with its construction projects in those regions expanding as it expands its operations. Its social service projects include helping to expand the capacities of schools and other educational facilities.

The company completed a special project in Vietnam in February by building and dedicating the Hyundai, KOICA Dream Center jointly with Hyundai Motor and KOICA and Plan Korea, to train the manpower for the automobile maintenance service, which exemplifies the construction company’s creation of shared value, together with economic and social value.

The company first began its CSR project in San Cidro City in the Philippines in 2011 by building a community center for education for the poor families and expanded the work to eight countries in Middle East and Asia. The company completed the construction of a middle school in Vietnam and a  protection campaign for ecology in Kuwait. Altogether seven projects were completed, while an eleventh project including the construction of an education center for children in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is being undertaken by the company.

Jointly with the Miral Welfare Foundation of Korea, the company delivered 1,500 solar lanterns at a ceremony entitled, “Light of Hope,” held at the Flying Taya Future Stars Children Education Center in eastern Yangon, Myanmar, with many dignitaries attending. It was led by a member of the Presidential Advisory Committee, the Mayor of Yangon, and head of the Children Education Center and teachers and children of the center.

The company decided to help the children in many parts of the country who are without lights at their homes so that these children can study at night, as they don’t have a power supply to light their houses at night.

The welfare foundation, with the help of 96 newly-hired employees of Hyundai E&C, made the solar lanterns and delivered them along with letters to the children. In the meantime, jointly with Plan Korea, the company was engaged in expanding a public primary school in the Senpara Parbata in Dacca, Bangladesh, and the project was completed on March 28 in a ceremony attended by school officials and local residents.

About 40 percent of school-age children can’t go to school due to poor educational environment. With the expansion of the school, some 1,000 more children can now attend the school now that the educational facilities have been expanded and improved, upgrading educational environment.

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