‘Internet of Brain’ Era to be Unfurled Beyond IoT
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‘Internet of Brain’ Era to be Unfurled Beyond IoT
LG U+ Vice Chairman Lee Sang-cheol makes a forecast about the future of IoT on the sidelines of WMC 2015

06(Mon), Apr, 2015

LG U+ Vice Chairman Lee Sang-cheol speaks at a meeting with reporters at the World Mobile Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain on March 3. (Photo:LG U+)

LG U+ Vice Chairman Lee Sang-cheol said, “The evolvement of the Internet of Things (IoT) will take shape into a replacement of the brain of human beings.”

Lee made the prediction about the future of IoT at a meeting with reporters at the World Mobile Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain on March 3. “The development of ICT will evolve into the Internet of Thinking (IoTh) via the IoT, ultimately leading to the Internet of Brain (IoB),” he said. 

“I’ve felt that something like the tsunami is sweeping, and this year will be the first year of launching the IoT,” said Vice Chairman Lee.  

He compared the direction of the development of the IoT to human beings’ incorporation of technologies to save their time, money and efforts. Now that the conventional internet is an information network that has replaced human beings’ efforts to obtain information, Lee explained that IoT will be a “machine network” to replace senses and labor.

Lee said, “LG U+ will become a new life creator with its home IoT services and 5G network technology.” 

Concerning the IoT sector on which LG U+ has been so far working, he said the IoT services will give back two hours to housewives, and they should be optimized at any time and at any place.

LG U+ showcased dozens of technologies, including the home appliance solution dubbed “Home Manager” and the “Magic Mirror,” which can diagnose skin ailments. They also unveiled a next-generation 5G network technology. The Korean telecom company plans to come up with more than 10 services, including a technology to remove waste lighting and stand-by electricity via the smartphone and a security package of spotting and informing home intruders and gas leakages, he said. 

As to his company’s IoT strategies, Vice Chairman Lee said the IoT cloud will be the final competition destination. He said it will hinge on who will lead the establishment of an IoT cloud in four sectors — home, individual, public entity and company — to process information and enhance added values through artificial intelligence.  

Lee showed his determination to lead in the 5G market by forming strategic alliances with CEOs of Nokia, Cisco and other global makers on the sidelines of the WMC 2015. 

LG U+ demonstrated a 5G technology using the radio band of 30 to 300GHz for the first time in the world that can download a one and half hour-long HD film in less than 25 seconds. 

“Things and software have begun to replace human beings, and the us-oriented change that has been so far going on will shift into the me-oriented paradigm,” Lee said.

LG U+ to Spearhead Global Change with ‘Creative Spirit’

LG U+ Chairman Lee Sang-cheol gave his New Year’s message on Jan. 2 and expressed his determination to take the initiative in making global changes with extraordinary creative spirit.

“A new ICT era will usher in a different world than now,” Chairman Lee said. 

He declared the year 2015 as the first year of becoming a “New Life Creator,” with a focus on creating value, shifting from service providers to customers.

Lee expounded the characteristics of the new ICT era: me-centric safety, video content containing emotion, and expanded infrastructure for Internet of Things (IoT), connected with numerous sensors in real time, on the cloud and Big Data.

In particular, Lee said, “Let’s spearhead global change with an extraordinary creative spirit and become a ‘new life creator’ that makes each customer’s life safer and more affluent and touches his or her emotions.”

In order to become a “new life creator,” he stressed humility, courage and wisdom as the DNA for becoming a company capable of creating new lives. He urged his executives and staff members to challenge and take the initiative without fear — even though they are faced with new environment and markets.

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