HWLP Chmn. Lee Presented with the World Peace Messenger Award from PCC Vice Pres. Zhang in Beijing
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HWLP Chmn. Lee Presented with the World Peace Messenger Award from PCC Vice Pres. Zhang in Beijing
The award recognizes Chmn. Lee’s contribution to world peace: Pres. Kim of the Female Group of HWLP gets the Female Peace Contribution Award also in Beijing

29(Fri), Aug, 2014

Chairman and President Lee Man-hee of the Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration  of Light(HWLP) received on Aug. 16 the World Peace Messenger Award from Vice President Zhang Meiyng of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference(PCC) at the Chinese People’s Hall in Beijing in recognition for his contribution to world peace. Also receiving the Female Peace Contribution Award was President Kim Nam-hee of the HWLP’s women’s group, HWLP said recently.

 Chairman Lee got the award for his role in the creation of a frame work for peace through talks on a civilian level held in January at General Santos, providing the chances  to end the  conflict between the Catholics and Islam in Mindanao, the Philippines, which killed and wounded nearly over 100,000 on both sides of the religious groups.
 Chairman Lee, upon receiving the award declared a message, “Peace has an answer,” with the Chinese audience applauding in agreement with their thumbs up. The Chinese People’s Hall is a very important place with many crucial political events taking place there such as the Chinese People’s Congress, as it was built to commemorate the 10th anniversary  of the establishment of the Chinese People’s Republic as a symbol for all powerful Chinese Communist Party’s rule.

 Chairman Lee also called on Chancellor Jok Jinmu of the People’s University’s Social and Population Management Graduate School to exchange opinions on peace in N.E. Asia and the unification of the Korean Peninsula.
 The chairman when returning home on Aug. 17 concluding his activities for peace in China and the Philippines, said at a media conference held at the Incheon Int’l Airport that if each leader around the world wants world peace and love the people, they should sign an agreement for world peace after inserting the end of all wars clause in international laws.
 In the meantime, the chairman visited Jamboanga City on Mindanao Island on Aug. 11, where an Islamic group, the MNLF(Moro Nationalist Liberation Front), clashed with the Philippine army, killing 138  including 12 civilians.
 About 12,000 government officials, religious and youth leaders participated in a ceremony and a walking event to end all wars and world peace.

 Chairman Lee also invited to by the Philippine National Police to make a speech on peace in front of some 260 police officers and 40 both Catholic and Islam leaders. He said we should all be the messengers for peace and leave peace to the  generations to follow.
 Representative Kim Nam-hee of the female group called for the creation of an age of peace with mothers minds that their children should not be sacrificed in  wars. The police officers thanked the two for their giving the news for peace and answers in their speeches by presenting them with the plaques of appreciation.
 Local media in the Philippines praised both Chairman Lee and President Kim who are headquartered in Korea for their activities for peace bearing fruits which many peace activists failed to do.
 President Kim gave a special meaning for the 13th peace activity. She said they urged for achievement for peace by delivering the messages for peace until the 12th Peace Activity. The 13th has been the one to see the results of their activities for world peace being created with the various plaques for peace that we got witnessing the merits of our activities as peace activists.
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